World Race Fusion Route

What is it? 
Simply play the video below hehe. It's a youth missionary organization, we do a missionary called 11n11 (11 countries in 11 months).

Since February this year, I prepared a mission trip with World Race. With a long and strict interview I was accepted but they changed my route, it used to be the September 2015 Route . Then they put me to Fusion Route on January 2016 for that route is for racers from different countries outside US, the route is easier for us, we don't need to join the camp before race which took a round trip to Georgia from Indonesia two weeks prior the race. Final decision I got was, I need to change my route to August 2016, they asked me to more involved in church community and build a health relationship with my mentors. Moreover, the route in August is the Extreme Expedition Route just like what I want. Also, they want me to prepare my best not rushing as my Fusion Route will makes me rush a lot.. push me a lot as well, like I need to create my VISA for 7 countries in 1 month! Oh what a rush, definitely.

Amazing, I am so thankful to the Lord. His timing is (always) surprisingly perfect and unthinkable.
I can't imagine if I was accepted to my Fusion Route, I'll be really in a rush and tired with the VISA, fundraising, race preparations, and all that stuffs, moreover I really want to meet my family back to Toraja, I won't have a time for that. If I didn't accepted tho, no problem, maybe I am more  ready comfortable with that instead of accepted haha. 

So now I'll choose the Extreme Expedition Route on August 2016. I will more involved in my community, maintain a good relationship with people around me, prepare my VISA well, prepare my equipment well, work to save some money, spend a quality time with my families, and the most important, PRAY to keep my faith on fire. Once I lost my faith, I won't know what to do, where to go and when .

This race is not a comfort zone for me. I thought it was.
Later I found, to hear and to follow what God wants in your life is sometimes really hard. 
About this race, I heard the order well, but there were times I didn't really get it. Thank God , He is the best in answering question. He speaks through anything about to release my anxiety.

This race, I thought I'll be having loots of fun, adventures, experiences, etc. Well, it's all true, very true. But... oh there's a but. hahaha. I need to lose few prestigious job offers and scholarships for me, in order to do this. Why I didn't just take the job or scholarship? Simply that's not what God wants. God wants me to be success, but not with my way, but His way. I am trying to obey him thats why I do this. Seems opposite with what people see, they (or maybe you too) will see a fool me rejecting all what people wants in their life, to serve God. Sometimes I am thinking as well, some people might inspired with me or the worst is, afraid of believing in God.

Some people don't believe as God's logic is way different with their logic. Hey, if your logic match with His, so He is limited to human's ratio? Of course He is not. That's what I believe. He is the expert of impossible and non-sense things. So no wonder, everything sometimes just makes no sense! The blind can see, the dead arise, the poor became wealthy, etc.

Now I'm working for my thesis to be done, pray for me :)
Good night , I'll update my blog again soon.


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