Water Tubing in Amprong River

Water Tubing in river is one of the best things to do in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.
I was gettin bored in Malang after my research in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, and decided to do a water sport, that was an unforgettable moment!

Unfortunately Trip Advisor didn't give any information about river tubing in Malang, I found it on twitter and after a long search I choose this tubing service provider : X-Maro Tubing (read: Kali Maro Tubing)
You can visit their website for further information : www.xmarotubing.com . Unfortunately they said no one of the contact person is able to speak in English, but I think there's no problem as long as you learn Indonesian language first before you call them. Just try to reach them by text first, maybe they are now able to handle visitors from abroad. So far I get the information the ILO from United Nations give the village where the service provider located an English Course and hospitality training.
They are highly recommended where you can find the cheapest in price, but the best quality of services. It is only IDR 100.000 for two hours tubing, minimum 3 persons, including free unlimited documentation, a tour guide, rescue team (one rescue man for each person) welcome drink and snack, coffee break, lunch, and all the safety wears. Due to the location that is not quite easy to find so we ask them to provide us a car to pick us up from city centre of Malang, only cost IDR 300.000 round trip.
All total cost for 3 persons : 
1. Tubing : 300.000
2. Car : 300.000
TOTAL IDR 600.000
very cheap!!! Wow

I first saw the brochure, they have a good taste in designing and branding, it shows they are a serious service provider, while others not (generally in Indonesia). People wrote their testimonies on the brochure, and no wonder why those people were satisfied to the max!
The tour guide and rescue team were so fun, friendly and warm, they also organize the activity very well, they always check the tubing path of the river for you before you come. While doing the tubing, every 15 or 30 minutes they will give you a break and already choose the best spot where you can see beautiful scenery of remote area, and you will regret if you don't take a picture there. What I love the most is, the pure and wavy river, so many big rocks and green bamboos, trees and canyon at the edge. The welcome drink is soda, I dont know is it good for a water sport or not, all I know is it contains sugar to give us energy. The snack is fried banana and traditional snack, also hot Java coffee to drink at the edge of the river... Ooh perfect!

X-Maro Tubing : The Rescue Team, and Tour leader

So the xmaro tubing owner is running a photography business too. Wow he has a little coorporate company then. Look at the address, that is the location of the basecamp.
From the basecamp, reach the river by a pick up car. I forget to take the picture, but you will pass beautiful apple's farm on the way. Ready to go darling!
On the way to the river, we can see the suburban in rural area of Malang region.
this exited little girl in hijab is my classmate, Ilmi Nur Hidayati.
We are now closer to the river, bring your own tube !


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